Monday, September 3, 2012

Fundraiser Updates

We are so, so, excited to announce that...we have raised the $4,500 needed for our referral fees! I know, that was mean - you thought we got our referral, huh?  A good friend told me that she thinks Monday would be a good day for our referral...I happen to agree :)  So, our referral fees will be submitted when we are matched with our daughter.  They will pay for her medical visits and care at Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia, along with several other things.  The good news is that this is the last set of fees we need to submit to our agency.  The bad news is that we still need to raise funds to travel to Ethiopia...twice.  The first time will be to meet our daughter and to be present for our court date in Ethiopia, in which the Ethiopia government recognizes that we are legally our daughter's parents.  The second trip will occur 4-8 weeks later, in which we will attend our Embassy appointment, receive our daughter's legal and travel documents, and bring her home!

How much do two trips to Ethiopia cost, you ask?  About $2,500 per round trip ticket. Yikes! We are confident, though, that God will provide the funds we need to travel to our baby girl. With that said, we are excited to announce several upcoming fundraising opportunities:

1. We still have about 35 Simply Love t-shirts (mostly sizes L and XL, but a few Smalls and Mediums). They come in 3 fabulous designs and 4 different colors, and are so, so comfy! The shirts are $25 and you can order on our blog or contact me personally!

2. We want our little giraffe to know that so many people love her and helped to bring her home. So, we are doing a puzzle piece fundraiser.  You can buy a piece of this 350 piece puzzle for $10, and your name will be written on the back of the piece that you purchase.  When the puzzle is complete, we will display it in a double-sided frame so that Safiya can see who all was (and is!) a piece of her adoption story.  You can purchase a piece of Safiya's adoption puzzle under the "Puzzle" link of our blog!

3. I'm putting my creative skills to use for this one: I will be designing, painting and selling wooden letters and names for kids' rooms.  You pick your colors and patterns, and I'll do the rest! Letters are $7 apiece, and shipping is available.  You can order on my Etsy website: .  Click on "Send a message to shop owner" to personalize your letters!

4. My cousin, Samantha, is hosting an online 31 fundraiser party for our adoption! 20% of all sales will benefit our adoption, and there are some awesome new products on their Fall line!  You can check out the party at:

Also, look for an announcement (soon!) about a 31 party that we will be hosting at my mom's house later this month!