8/1/11:  Decided to adopt....want to know why? Read here.
8/13/11: Selected All God's Children International (AGCI) as our adoption agency and submitted pre-application

8/29/11: Application approved and matched with 2 countries: Ethiopia and Bulgaria
9/1/11: After much prayer and several nudges from the Big Guy, we decide on Ethiopia
9/15/11: Completed physicals and sumitted lots of paperwork to AGCI
9/17/11: Contacted home study agency & assigned social worker
9/20/11: Received home study packet from home study agency
10/10/11: Submitted written portion of home study to BUMFS
10/17/11: Received email from social worker that the written portion of our home study was approved; scheduled 1st home study interview
11/21/11: 1st Home Study Interview
11/25/11: Denied access to funds needed to submit contract to AGCI
12/16/11: Exact amount of money required to submit contract to AGCI mysteriously appeared in our bank account; 2nd Home Study Interview
12/17/11: Mailed contract to AGCI
12/28/11: Received Dossier packet and began dossier paperchase
1/10/12: Dossier 90% complete
1/23/12: All Dossier paperwork signed and notarized...just waiting on the final copy of the Home Study!
2/7/12: Home study draft reviewed by AGCI...revisions needed.  Sent back to social worker at BUMFS for revisions.
2/14/12: Home Study APPROVED!

2/21/12: I-600A sent to USCIS in Texas
2/27/12: I-600A received and processed at National Benefits Center in Missouri
3/8/12: Received Fingerprinting Appointment Notices for March 30th in Pittsburgh
3/9/12: All paperwork complete to submit dossier; $1700 short of dossier fee
3/14/12: Fingerprinting completed!
3/29/12: Received a grant for $2,300; sent dossier to AGCI

3/30/12: Dossier received in Portland; revisions needed
4/6/12: Revisions sent to AGCI; received FDL (Favorable Determination Letter) from USCIS/Department of Homeland Security
4/9/12: We're on the wait list! Numbers for March are #140 for a girl, #55 for siblings.
4/30/12: #137 girls, #53 siblings
5/31/12: #135 girls, #56 siblings
6/30/12: #130 girls, #54 siblings.  Raised $1,777 at our adoption yard sale!
7/31/12: #113 girls, #43 siblings
8/31/12: #108 girls, #42 siblings
9/30/12: #104 girls, #40 siblings
10/31/12: #103 girls, #43 siblings
11/30/12: #97 girls, #41 siblings
12/31/12: #95 girls, #40 siblings
1/31/13: #94 girls, #39 siblings
2/28/13: #93 girls, #38 siblings
3/18/13: Home study update submitted to BUMFS
3/31/13: #90 girls, #36 siblings, 1 year on the wait list
4/11/13: USCIS Fingerprint Extension request submitted
4/16/13: FBI fingerprints renewed


  1. I must ask who was your homestudy agency that you used in WV? We need to have one (We live in Martinsburg, WV) and the agency must be HAGUE accredited or approved. We found one but we must take several hours of PRIDE training and the next trainings are not until April...We can't wait that long! I just love how quickly your agency moved on your homestudy! Congratulations on your adoption!
    Amy Phillis

  2. Amy, we used Burlington United Methodist Fmaily Services. I think I metnioned them when we talked this afternoon - here's their website:

  3. Hi, you don't know me but I saw this blog on a friends Facebook page... MY heart has an instant connection because we too are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. We are not near the process that you are but it brought my heart hope to see your process and know that this CAN happen. looking at your time line it brought me hope and I am looking forward to sharing this site with my husband Shannon. We have two beautiful boys (2 &1) and they are such a joy, we have always had a heart to adopt but also have a heart to advocate for adoption! People need to see these little ones who are in desperate for a loving godly home. We are praying our Father lights the fire under more and more people to rise up and answer the call of James, to care for the orphans and widows... Those who need hope, and love! Thank you for your heart and willingness to be changed to help change a life. Our blog is
    Heather Compton

  4. Hi Heather! I think we were meant to be adoption husband and I were married in September 2008 also! I absolutely LOVE what your sister wrote about 500 people giving just $70 makes so much sense! And, like she said, God will provide a way to make it happen!

  5. Well then... Lets be adoption buddies :) My face book is Heather Compton and email is
    I have been praying for you and your family!!!